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A Comparative Study: AI-aided Content vs Human-Produced Content

Recently, ChatGPT and other AI composing tools have been gaining a lot of attention. Here at Celementa, we've embraced using these instruments for the past year to create content - one of our main concentrations. In this article, we're eager to share our results from both artificial intelligence-assisted pieces as well as 100% human produced work.

AI-aided Content vs Human-Produced Content

How do we use AI for content creation?

First of all, it is very important to discuss our approach to content creation with AI tools.

Rather than relying solely on AI tools to generate content, we use them as a catalyst to speed up the work of our content writers.

Now, let's take a look at the fundamental stages of creating content for SEO optimization.:

  1. Content research. SEO professional meticulously researches and evaluates content, deploying keywords databases and manual research to do so. AI tools are rarely utilized here; they're mainly used to generate topics or discover related ones.

  2. Content brief creation. Our SEO experts put together comprehensive content briefs including principal and secondary keywords, pertinent questions, and other necessities (images, headline count, word count) after carrying out research on competitors' topics. This enables us to guarantee that all input is consistent for both kinds of articles when it comes to writing content.

  3. Content production. To assess the best approach, we decided to experiment with two different methods of content creation.

  • Our team of highly experienced content writers provides exclusively human-written pieces

  • Content writers are now leveraging AI tools to create compelling articles

  • Our clients review our content so it is of the highest caliber and accurately reflects their brand values by inspecting and altering it before releasing it to the public.

As you may see, the only difference between writing manually and incorporating AI was in the content writer's process. Now let's view some of your client’s results to see how successful this approach has been!

AI-content vs Human content: results.

Our UK & IT-based client in the jewelry industry has seen incredible results since we started producing content for them with AI help and an experienced writer. From March 2022 to mid-February 2023 (11.5 months), our content strategy resulted in:

  • 20 articles written using AI

  • 24 fully human-crafted pieces

ai content vs human content case study results for seo

By comparing the averages of articles in one specific group, we were able to observe a remarkable disparity across all organic search metrics.

Our findings revealed that AI-aided content produced a remarkable 3.4 times more sessions and users, with 6 times more clicks attributed to it. Impressions also skyrocketed threefold compared to regular content without the help of AI. Most importantly, keywords ranked in the Top 100 increased by an impressive 93% for AI-aided text!

Please note that:

  • All AI-generated content was verified with a range of AI checker tools and has been assessed to have an authenticity rating higher than 95%.

  • As previously stated, these particular articles were compiled by writers who used artificial intelligence (AI) software for speedier production.

  • Our keywords & topics research procedure was precisely the same for both types of content written here.

  • Only organic backlinks are present in each article on this platform.

What is the reason behind AI-generated content outperforming entirely human written content?

Our SEO team has a couple of reasons to explain obtained results:

  1. By leveraging an AI training database, you can gain access to a wealth of knowledge. After all, these tools have read up to 100% of the available content on the internet and comprehend exactly what it takes for articles to be successful online.

  2. AI tools are well-versed in sophisticated wordings that will make your material stand out from the competition. With this arsenal at your disposal – crafting compelling pieces has never been easier!

  3. AI can craft creative ideas in an instant. Even when you give it a topic, AI has the capacity to write and suggest other aspects of the subject that weren't originally mentioned in your research!

  4. Content writers enjoy a newfound freedom of control over their articles. By leveraging AI, they no longer need to focus exclusively on writing down each and every word - instead, this task is delegated to the artificial intelligence while they are free to conduct further research, ponder new ideas or alter the direction of the article!

While this list is not exhaustive, there is still a great deal of data exploration that can be done in order to pinpoint the exact differences between the two types of articles in terms of performance.

What is best: AI content or human content?

Based on our small research, it is better to reach out the synergy of AI & human content.

We are firmly opposed to allowing AI to compose an entire article without human editors, as numerous tools and regulations have since been introduced in order to protect users from hastily-created content.

Content writers with expertise may be limited by keyword research and familiarity with the subject matter, thus missing out on potentially great opportunities.

To address this problem in the most efficient manner, capitalize on the strengths of both AI and talented content writers. Content creators can lay down a foundational structure to their work before relying on AI technology to flesh out article details. Following that, an experienced editor should review and edit any generated material for flawless results! Combining creativity, extensive research skills, and superb editing will be sure to generate amazing content pieces!

ai and human contetn

Advantages of leveraging AI to enhance content production by experienced writers

  1. Speed improvements. AI tools and platforms can help content writers to accelerate the writing process by generating relevant content faster.

  2. Error detection & correction. AI tools are capable of detecting content errors such as spelling, grammar or even plagiarism, making it easier for content writers to stay on track with quality standards.

  3. Expanding creative power. Content powered by AI can provide content writers with ideas and topics to write about, making their work more inspiring & engaging.

  4. AI-generated insights. AI can also help experienced writers to learn more about the key drivers behind their content performance, which in turn may allow them to create better content pieces.

  5. AI-aided content production is an effective way to save on costs. Every article can be produced for a much lower price, or you could opt to produce more articles using the same budget!

We believe that AI can help SEO professionals & content writers to reach even higher results. Moreover, this technology will reduce the time needed for content creation and speed up the entire SEO process. If you have any questions regarding our work or want to try out different solutions with AI in your own business, please do not hesitate to contact us!


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