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SEO 2023: Predictions

SEO is always evolving. What worked last year may not work this year, and what works today may not work next year. That's why it's important to stay on top of the latest trends and predictions for the future of SEO. Here are some predictions for SEO in 2023.

Increasing interest in SEO

With the shaky state of current economic affairs, an increasing number of companies are opting to reduce their marketing budget and decrease investments in paid or performance advertising platforms. In 2023 advertisers are expected to shift towards organic marketing, with SEO being at the forefront of such endeavours!

Content is Changing, but is Still King

The content was and will stay the biggest SEO priority. Given such sudden popularity of AI-generated content, the quality of content will be of paramount importance. So in order to create a successful content strategy, rigid keywords and topics research should be done prior to writing immaculate and engaging content.

When we talk about the content, not only keywords are crucial, but also your value for the users, measured in behavioural metrics.

chat gpt meme, soe content meme


As was mentioned before, Google’s new EEAT update, added E=experience on top of “E” expertise, “A” Authoritativeness and “T” trustworthiness, stressing quality content from legitimate industry experts and comprehensive in-depth coverage of the topic with content clusters. This pertains to increasing emphasis on the author’s first-hand experience in the topic at hand, and thus his authority and his ability to create reliable content.

The increasing popularity and talks about tools like ChatGPT replacing Google, creating an additional nudge into Google’s review of the search & ranking algorithms and structure of SERP


Audio and video content are two big topics to follow in 2023. Voice search has been around for the while, but improved algorithms and the increased demands of our fast-paced lives will add up to its popularity and will lead to further adoption in 2023.

YouTube, being a part of the Alphabet, now appears more frequently in search results. All the timestamps increased the involvement of the user in video content and TikTok’s completions will only contribute to a higher volume of video search results.

google search vs tiktok search battle

New keywords to focus on

Semantic and query-based keywords will become a pivotal moment for any domain. It is important to look beyond popular keyword research tools with limited databases and put oneself into the shoes of your customer and include related keywords into your pages.

grammarly targeting right keyrowds
Here is Grammarly's example of targeting right keywords

Core web vitals

Technical SEO will play an increasingly important part in 2023; even with more widespread adoption of 5G connectivity and improved Internet quality, the increasing number of websites creates a heavy load for search engines. It is important to create smoothly functioning websites that are efficient for search engines to crawl and are reliable for users to navigate through.

There are three main areas they focus on:

  1. Loading speed,

  2. Interactivity

  3. Visual stability.

core web vitals


Product schemas improve the way your product looks on SERPs, thereby increasing CTRs to your website, and increasing the likelihood of attracting potential customers. There are many tools that can facilitate the process of schema markup creation, so in 2023 we anticipate more and more CMSs and website owners prioritise making their search results more user-fiendly.

recipe schema markup

Do you agree with our predictions? What other changes do you think we’ll see in the world of SEO in 2023? As always, if you need help staying on top of these trends or enacting them effectively for your business, reach out to us. Our team would be more than happy to partner with you and ensure your website is future-proofed against any algorithm updates or changes in user behavior. Share your thoughts on what else you think we might see in SEO 2023 below!


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