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How to tell if you need SEO?

As a business owner, it's important to understand when SEO can be beneficial for your venture. Knowing whether you need SEO is essential for any business that wants to stay competitive and keep its edge in the market.

For most businesses, SEO is not the first digital marketing initiative that comes to mind. In fact, some may think of it as something IT teams should handle. Yet in this article, we'll explore what SEO actually is and why it's much more than an IT task - plus if you should add it to your business' to-do list.

What is SEO?

To quickly cover it, SEO (search engine optimization) is a process of optimizing your website for different search engines. As you may have guessed, there are many facets to this approach – let's take a closer look.

  1. Technical SEO pays particular attention to the technical attributes of your website, such as loading speed, caching, and coding errors; thus making it pertinent to work with an IT team, but you always need SEO specialist overlooking technical changes

  2. For on-page SEO, the optimization of UX/UI and website content are critical components. Executing such a task requires considerable effort from well-versed SEO specialists and creative content writers to maximize success.

  3. Off-page SEO works to bolster your website's authority by providing inbound links from websites of high domain authority. In the view of search engines, if multiple sites mention yours, then your domain ranking is perceived as higher quality and more pertinent to a particular topic. However, it requires competent SEO experts and niche backlinking specialists for successful implementation.

Paying close attention to the previous paragraphs, you will have likely grasped that SEO is a continuous process and deman

what is seo. main aspects of seo

ds a team of experts focusing on different aspects of your website.

Being an entrepreneur, you are already aware this could be an expensive endeavor; thus, it's essential to consider if these services are required for your brand before making any substantial commitments. Here are some key points to reflect upon when assessing whether or not investing in SEO services would benefit you.

When do you need SEO?

Let's discover the features of your brand and competitive landscape that demonstrate why you have immense SEO potential.

Your product is unique and in demand

dog macarons, competition, unique areas for seo

Dog macaron has decent search volume & unique to

SEO is especially beneficial for businesses selling unique products or services that are in demand. If you are selling a product or service that is not saturated in the market, chances are your organic Search Engine Results Page (SERP) appearance can be improved by SEO specialists.

Competition in your niche is not high.

Above all else, be wary of giant retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Sephora and Chewy. These companies have a significant presence in the market with an established track record and are already investing heavily into SEO; attempting to gain traction over them on particular search queries will require considerable time and money expenditure without any assurance that you'll see results.

If you're focused on a long-term plan and don't require immediate results

Search Engine Optimization is not a process that can be rushed; it requires time and significant research before results become visible. While some small changes may occur earlier, you shouldn't anticipate noticeable improvements prior to six months of active SEO efforts. Working with an experienced agency that understands the importance of extensive on-site optimization as well as engaging content creation will ensure your project yields meaningful outcomes within your desired timeline.

You have sufficient funds.

Although it can be a laborious endeavor, SEO also requires an investment. Entry-level packages begin at €1-1.5K and go up to €10-20K per month depending on the nature of your business objectives.

A word of caution: if you are not fully committed to the process, then investing in tech SEO is your best option. If you decide to run an SEO project for only 2-4 months and terminate it because of unsatisfactory results, that investment may be lost forever. Furthermore, even if changes were made during that time period, they would likely not bring enough return on investment to cover what was spent - a minimum 6-month commitment is required before reaping any real rewards from these efforts!

You are looking for investments.

When collaborating with startups, we know that certain search engine metrics can be critical during investor pitches. Investing in SEO components like Domain rating, organic traffic and proper ranking on target keywords will demonstrate to potential investors the viability of your product and its growth potential.

If you want to migrate domains.

With our extensive domain migration experience, we understand that it is essential to execute the process correctly regardless of how much work you have completed on your previous website. An SEO project can help make sure your new website has a solid structure and optimized content, allowing you to keep some brand recognition while also driving more traffic.

moving websites, needs for seo

Keeping the aforementioned points in mind, you now have a better idea of whether investing in SEO is worth it for your brand. Naturally, this depends on specific factors such as your location, goals, and resources.

To find out if you can benefit from an SEO service for your own unique brand, contact us today for a free audit and quick assessment. Our team will analyze your site and competitor landscape to provide you with a budget that is tailored for the best possible results. We are focused on performance-driven success, so if SEO isn't beneficial for you, we won't hesitate to let you know it!

When it is not worth to invest in SEO?

In case our checklist for determining whether SEO is right for you wasn't clear enough, let us summarize the points from a different perspective. Therefore, if any of the following apply to you then SEO may not be suitable:

You look for quick results

SEO is not a quick fix - you cannot expect to get instant results. If it's immediate gratification that you're seeking, then look into other digital advertising options instead. Unlike SEO, these channels can provide faster outcomes for your business.

You have a tight budget

It's clear that SEO packages may include a lot of laborious work and corresponding expenses. Your yearly budget should be no less than €12K to ensure you receive all the services included in your package and that your results are not delayed. We strongly advise against choosing an SEO package below €1K since it will likely slow down progress toward achieving success.

You do not want to improve your website & work on content

If you are too protective of your website's look and content, it will impede the progress of SEO professionals. Without quality and optimized content for search engines, your website's performance won't make a notable leap forward; therefore, it is critical to have confidence in your SEO team and work collaboratively with them so as to further enhance your website.

Your niche is super competitive

In some cases, when there is a great pool of competitors in the marketplace, it can be difficult to stand out on search engines. If your niche is highly competitive, we suggest you focus on alternative digital channels that are more likely to get your brand noticed quickly.

generic products on google search

Domain ranking of competitors is high, products is very generic

Examples of good and bad niches for SEO:

Niches that have SEO potential:

  • Any local brands, e.g. plumbers in Suffolk, flowers shop in Pitsburg, dog groomer in NYC

  • Unique products that are alternative to existing ones, e.g. next level digital piano, and dog macarons.

  • DTC brands with clear USP, e.g. beauty brands for black women, shedding shampoo for dogs, personalized medicated shampoo

Niches that do not have a lot of SEO potential:

  • Generic FMCG products, e.g. volume shampoo, dog shampoo, mint toothpaste

  • Super niche products, that are not yet riched big audiences, e.g. At Home Urinalysis, dog strap for left hands, etc.

  • Emerging fashion brands, since you will not have the opportunity to rank on generic keywords, e.g. “black pencil skirt” has severe competition

  • Technologies with high competition, e.g. smartphones, laptops, etc.

highly competitive and generic fashion keywords on seo

Insane competition on "pencil skirt" in UK

This list is not comprehensive and does not mean that you do not need SEO services, it depends on your exact case, so reach out to our specialists to analyze your SEO potential.

In fact, with a proper content creation strategy, we may deliver great results & reach a necessary audience, plus there are always long-tailed keywords (with low search volumes) that can generate substantial results.

Ultimately, understanding whether SEO is suitable for your business boils down to having a clear understanding of where you want to take your brand and how much you are willing to invest. A minimum 6-month commitment is required before reaping any real rewards from these efforts; therefore, be prepared for a long-term battle that will ultimately pay off in the end.


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