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Multi-platform strategies

We manage ads in Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter

We manage ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok

Data Collection

We monitor all relevant metrics to measure and improve ads performance

We track all relevant data points to measure and optimize ad performance



We optimize landing pages, websites and ads to achieve the highest conversion rates

We optimize

 landing pages, websites and banners for conversion

Data Visualization

We create reports that clearly reflect the return on advertising spend

We create  reports that objectively reflect the ad returns achieved 


Improve your ad returns with our methodology

Data Collection & Analysis

  • Analytics data coming from advertising platforms do not allow objective evaluation of the ads' effectiveness. Hence we measure ad performance via external platforms such as Google Analytics & Data Studio.

  • We use all modern best practices for our clients including centralizing all tags into a single system. Google Tag Manager is a free and easy-to-use solution that covers most tag management needs.

  • Not a single client has the same Content Management System history, hence we versatilely work with many of them: Wordpress, Shopify, Wix, etc

Multi-platform Advertising
  • Even with a low advertising spend, every business needs a search engine marketing strategy. Hence we work with Google, Yandex & Bing and adapt the spend on those platforms depending on performance.

  • Social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & SnapChat have incredibly specific and accurate audience data points. Our client’s ads constantly rotate to find the audience and ad placement combinations that deliver the most conversions.

  • The path leading to conversion is rarely straightforward. Customers naturally need multiple touch points before reaching the conviction that a product / service meets their need. Our advertising campaign structures reflect this natural human mindset.

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Meet The Team

Anna Dedialo
Data & Technical Projects
  • Master of Economics at University of Queensland
  • Ex-KPMG consultant

  • Skills

    • Ad campaign management

    • Data visualization

    • Keyword research & SEO

Maxime Brunelin
General Manager
  • Google employee for 5 years (London & New York)
  • Skills

    • Ad campaign management

    • Tag management & analytics

    • SEO & user experience


Anna Lushova

Creatives & Ad Operations

  • Bachelor in Philology at Higher School of Economics

  • Skills

    • Ad campaign management

    • Ad creative strategist

    • Multi-language marketing messages

Client Work


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Case Studies

High Growth Startup

As it can sometimes happen to some very successful startups in the B2B sector, a client of ours had seen its Google Ads spend grow exponentially. Contact us if you are curious to know how using some external expertise (ours) for the first time led them to improve their monthly cash flow by $50K. Enforcing best practices clearly helped, but the larger returns came from the granular level optimizations our client did not have the time and resources for.