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Pride+Groom is a brand, based in NYC, USA, that delivers grooming products for dogs.



Since the start of Celementa’s work monthly ROAS has been consistently growing.


P+G has had the highest AdsRevenue ever with Celementa compared to period before they started with Celementa. Average Revenue with Celementa is 2.8 times higher than average Revenue without Celementa.


Celementa launched new campaigns and managed the spend the following way.


Pride + Groom case represents a successful case of a collaboration that reveals consistent growth month-on-month by applying tactical strategies relevant to the brand and it’s niche. We started with revamping the campaigns and changing the creative direction and testing different data-driven audiences, which increased revenue from Facebook ads by 132% within a month, and maintaining the positive trend month-on-month.  To make sure we were not overspending in the 1st month, we expanded the budget by 30% which helped to increase the return on ad spend (ROAS) by almost 90% as well as increase the overall revenue by 250%. Looking at the first results, we ramped up the budget by over 50% for the 2nd month, by proactively conducting market research to recommend best-practice creatives in line with competitors’ activities, conducting A/B Tests and further experimenting with new audiences which resulted in a 132% increase in revenue from ads, and 95% growth in overall revenue. Based on the learnings gained based on strategic testing and in order to stabilize the results for a long-term collaboration, we decreased the spend by 18% in the 3rd month, delivering a further increment of 13% growth in ads revenue, and positively contributing to the overall revenue by an additional increment of 11%.

For the whole period


increased revenue


increased ROAS

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