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LIL Milan is an Italian solid gold jewellery brand that looks for a way to expand their presence in domestic and international markets, meanwhile keeping a previously achieved success in the former. 


Mobile Speed

Through intensive website cleaning, website assets optimization, clearing lazy loading setup, adding async load, we increased the website speed on mobile from 20 to 88 within 1 month.

Desktop Speed

Through intensive website cleaning, adding liquid conditions, loading content asynchronously, adding beneficial appscripts and backlinks, we increased the website speed on desktop from 34 to 99 within 1 month.


Low website speed was identified as one of the biggest problems of the website in terms of SEO performance and overall user experience. With the help of the technical SEO procedures that are aimed at website speed improvement, we have managed to reach the optimal speed on both, mobile and desktop devices. 

For the whole period


increased desktop speed


increased mobile speed

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