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LIL Milan is an Italian solid gold jewellery brand that looks for a way to expand their presence in domestic and international markets, meanwhile keeping a previously achieved success in the former. 



A year of working with Celementa produced an incremental growth of 73% in Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) for Lil Milan compared to the year before they worked with Celementa.


Due to strategic and data-backed digital marketing efforts, Celementa delivered 75% revenue increase for Lil Milan over subsequent months of 2021 versus previous year.


Celementa drove growth for Lil Milan by concentrating advertising efforts on new customers acquisition at the lowest CPA to deliver a profitable customer LTV.

Market Growth

Acquisition of new customers from the international market increased over subsequent months.


Before Celementa took over, the brand had a stable performance in the Italian market, so Celementa was initially hired to help with entering a bigger international market. However, after starting working to expand the brand abroad, our team started noticing opportunities for improving existing performance of the domestic ads. After suggesting a new strategy that included a reduced ads Frequency, better audience segmentation and exclusions for Facebook/Instagram Ads and a total reorganization of Google Ads, Celementa took over the domestic market ads for the brand. All of the matters led to the total revenue increase from 9.26 to 16.03 of ROAS within 1 year with and without Celementa respectively.

For the whole period


increased revenue


increased ROAS

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