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How Celementa Can Help You Grow With Performance Max Campaign

google performance max campaign value for businesses

Google’s Performance Max Campaigns has been out for a while now, and they have been getting a lot of attention online. You may have heard about it, but do you know what they are and why they matter? Or what kind of results they can get you?

Thanks to our early adoption initiatives, we have learned a great deal about them and we want to share that knowledge with you based on our own case study data to show you what’s possible. Let’s get started.

What is Google Performance Max Campaign?

Google addressed the Performance Max Campaign (pMax) campaigns as ‘a new way to support business owners’. Launched in 2021, Performance Max Campaign is an enhanced type of search & shopping campaign, which can reach the entire Google ad inventory with a single campaign. Let’s not forget Google ad inventory includes media placement of search ads, text ads, shopping, YouTube, Gmail, Discover and more.

The key difference between pMax campaigns and other Google Ads campaigns is that it uses advanced machine learning and automation to optimize the campaign on your behalf based on qualifying objectives.

Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns are goal-focused, depending on your objective to increase sales, drive website traffic, generate leads, or drive footfall or in-store visits.

google new performance max campaign helps to boost sales

With pMax, you are able to meet your goals faster due to a streamlined process of reaching your targeted audience across Google with a single campaign.

what is google performance max campaign

Due to Smart Bidding, pMax campaign can also deliver better targeted ads through it’s enhanced machine learning.

Why Every Advertiser Needs Google Performance Max Campaigns?

Using Performance Max campaigns is not only what is in vogue now, it can actually increase your company's success based on your business objectives. There are several benefits of choosing this type of Google advertising

  • It saves a lot of money and time. Due it's automation, you no longer have to create 5 campaigns to reach each Google ad inventory, with pMax you can reach your audience in a consolidated way all in one single campaign.

  • It helps to find the most valuable audiences for your company through advanced features such as Diagnostic Insights and Asset Audience Insights.

  • It is proven to deliver more clicks, traffic, and conversions compared to older forms of Google advertising (see our case study below for that!)

  • It can create ads based on your company’s creative assets, so if you have limited ad creative production capacity such as creating a video ad , pMax can automatically generate a video through machine learning by utilizing your creative assets.

We’ve already migrated most of our clients to Performance Max campaigns, and if you haven’t already started in the last quarter, it’s a must-do now.

Our Case Study On Performance Max Campaign

As a reputed Digital marketing agency, we’ve been using pMax as an advertiser with most of our clients. We have seen tremendous results with pMax campaigns in delivering conversions and even generating leads.

We would focus on two clients and the results we have generated for them with pMax:

Google Performance Max ads case study - Telehealth company

Baptiste Riffaud, our in-house PPC Manager and ex-Google employee, launched Google Performance Max campaigns for one of our clients in the Telehealth industry in addition with few search & branded campaigns early this year.

Thanks to the pMax campaigns, the client saw an 78% increase in lead volume at a highly efficient cost per acquisition (CPA) of $21 — this was 4x lower than the cost of the previous Search campaigns that had been run.

Google Performance Max ads case study— Professional uniform manufacturer

This client had been working with us for a while on their Google campaigns, we decided to test pMax campaigns with them late last year during the early testing stages of pMax.

We saw a month-over-month lift generated by Performance Max campaigns in comparison with their shopping and search campaigns. There was a 65% increase in revenue due to a 25% allocation of budget to pMax, resulting in a total of a 59% increase in ROAS.

Overall results of PMAX campaigns across our clientele

google pmax campaigns results across celementa's client base

So How Can Celementa Help My Business Grow With Google PMax Campaigns?

We know this might be the question on your mind by now, and we understand that many brands have no idea on how to get started with pMax campaigns, we are here to tell you we can help you!

The best time to start running pMax campaign is now if you haven’t already— and we want you have to best chances of successs through it with no errors.

We’ve got the expertise you need to get you started, and as a top-rated Google Ads agency with in-house experts and ad operational capacity (including creative design, landing page creation, email services, etc), we won’t just get you clicks— we’ll get you results. Our team will analyze your business’ data to build you a custom campaign structure with Performance Max campaigns to deliver optimal results.

Are you ready to increase your sales, generate more leads, lower your CPA, or scale your ROAS? We’ve helped other clients do exactly that, and we’re ready to help you. Get in touch for a free consultation here!


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