Case Studies


#1 - High Growth Startup 

 $50K cash flow improvement

As it can sometimes happen to some very successful startups in the B2B sector, a client of ours had seen its Google Ads spend grow exponentially. Contact us if you are  curious to know how using some external expertise (ours) for the first time led them to improve their monthly cash flow by $50K. Enforcing best practices clearly helped, but the larger returns came from the granular level optimizations our client did not have the time for.

#2 - Luxury Brand B2C 

150% Return On Advertising

As many of you may know, launching a luxury brand is no easy task. Yet thanks to a multi-platform (Google / Facebook / Instagram) strategy, we unlocked profitable returns when no other ad service partners had succeeded before for this specific client. Many other small luxury boutiques would have easier time raising funds if they also received this 150% Return On Advertising Spend that we delivered.

#3 - Consulting Services B2B

300% Return On Advertising Spend

Finding the right decision maker at the right time can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. If you are also facing the challenge of generating qualified leads to sell pricey consultancy / software as a service solutions, you may get inspiration from our LinkedIn Ads campaign strategy that delivered 300% Return On Advertising Spend.

#4 - Entertainment B2B / B2C 

400% Return On Advertising Spend

Many startups are eager to find out about the potential of digital ads for themselves. Their challenge is that they don’t want to spend a monthly figure with 5 digits just to realize ROI will be difficult to achieve in the niche sector they operate. Get in touch with us and we will walk you the steps we took to squeeze as much value as possible from a limited budget, leading to a 400% Return On Advertising Spend.

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