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EADEM is a beauty brand founded in 2020 by Marie Kouadio Amouzame and Alice Lin Glover centred around women of colour and their beauty needs for bare-skin confidence. 



Eadem conversion rate with Google ads with Celementa is 75% higher than average conversion rate without Celementa.


ROAS increased by 20% compared to the time before they worked with us.


The client is brand new on the market, with a revolutional product for women skincare. It receives help from huge skincare brand, but wanted also to push sales with SEA, especially with Google Ads. Given that is a new brand, obviously we need to focus on sales but also on brand awareness. Both are really important at the beginning of a company. That's why we used different kind of campaign: Discovery, Search, Shopping. We've been also lucky, thanks to our environment, to try the Performance Max Campaign, which was still a bêta version during end of summer. Results were amazing, because after 2 short month we were out of stock

For the whole period


increased conversion


increased ROAS

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