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Bonne et Filou


Bonne et Filou is a French-Inspired Luxury brand for pets. Their macarons are made from human-grade ingredients and all-natural flavors that achieve the goal of highest quality.



Since the start of Celementa’s work monthly CTR has been consistently growing.


Before working with us, the client had an average of 34.2th position on Google search results.

Clicks / Impressions

By working with us, the client got an 18% increase in clicks compared to the previous periods. Impressions. Due to SEO efforts, average impressions increased to 285k


On this website no SEO job was done, all organic impressions were based on branded search.  Only in the span of the first 3 months, we have managed to significantly improve CTR and lower average position, given that new product-related keywords were introduced. OnFor this client, CTR (Click-Through-Rate) was decreasing before we took over, through intensive SEO efforts over months we were able to steadily increase the number of clicks and CTR of the website. The growth is slow because a lot of work was done and Google needs time to re-index all of the pages to notice the SEO helped us to improve the performance of the pages, currently, more than 62% of pages have great usability and speed metrics.

For the whole period


increased CTR


increased URLs

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