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Sous Legende


Sous Legende is an escape game located in the heart of Paris



After Sous Légende started working with Celementa, their turnover increased by 57% compared to the time before they worked with us.


ROAS increased by 88% compared to the time before they worked with us.


We reduced the cost per acquisition by increasing revenue steadily over two months, gradually cutting down the budget and being able to reduce costs due to optimization of results.


Due to strategic budget distribution, we increased purchases for Sous Légende by 57% within two months of working with us.


Sous Légende was facing strong competition in their catchment area of Paris and weren't able to convert ads enough to be profitable. Another problem was that his brand name also refers to a French series therefore leading many searches to be off topic. Product pricing was also a factor as it is slightly more expensive than the average market offerings.

Focusing only on ultra-relevant keywords showed an above-average conversion rate. A Youtube campaign also made it possible to make the product well known in the area, and thus creating brand notoriety.

In the space of two months, we increased turnover by 12% in the first month and 40% in the second. At the same time, the ROAS increased by 27% and then by 47% in the second month, while decreasing the budget by -12% and -4.5%.

For the whole period


increased conversion


increased ROAS

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