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Pride+Groom is a brand, based in NYC, USA, that delivers grooming products for dogs.



By optimizing the landing pages, we were able to increase the average Click Through Rate (CTR) from 4.5% before Celementa to 15.2% Click Through Rate after 2months.


Through initial Search Engine Optimization efforts, we moved the client’s on Google from the 3rd search results page to 2nd page. Ongoing efforts is carried to ensure the client appears and remains on 1st page.


We were able to increase the Search Engine Optimization ranking for the client from 13% to 62.5% by incorporating good URLs backlinks to the client’s website in the first quarter.


On this website no SEO job was done, all organic impressions were based on branded search.  Only in the span of the first 3 months, we have managed to significantly improve CTR and lower average position, given that new product-related keywords were introduced. On-page SEO helped us to improve the performance of the pages, currently, more than 62% of pages have great usability and speed metrics.

For the whole period


increased CTR


increased URLs

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